Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Rustle of Webpages turning

I’m absolutely torn to shreds on this issue – something that newspapers and other paper publications might not be able to say for much longer. Are we really losing the rustle of newspaper pages turning? Are magazine stands soon to be a destination of the past?

To be absolutely honest here, while I loved doing crossword puzzles on lazy Sundays with my mom, perusing local stories, international news, and the funnies, I haven’t bought a paper newspaper myself in years. As an avid reader and writer, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that. The loss of the paper reading world scares me, but I am just as at fault as every other reader of Google news. I’ve done nothing to stop the trend beyond lament the change.

I bring up the topic this week after seeing (on yes, the paperless blasphemy of Google news!) the following article: The publishing giants are joining forces to find a new means of survival in this age when everything is changing, and perhaps, so should all of us. My heart and soul shudder as I type these words, but it is my brain that writes them.

If the writers among us cling only to paper, we will be left behind, not immediately perhaps, but within our lifetimes. If the readers among us, seek variety, quality, and innovation, sticking to paper will limit our scopes.

Will the term 'newspaper' itself become outdated? Will we read the 'news' alone as no 'paper' will exist to hold in our hands?

I’m only on the brink of acceptance here. Perhaps recognizing the future of newspapers and magazines online is my baby-step to accepting ebooks.

What do you think?

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